The club is warm and friendly and welcomes new bowlers who have either played before elsewhere or who are completely new to the game.

The club has a full schedule of matches with other clubs in the area, and there is a wide range of internal club competitions which are open to all members.

Friday night is members night at the green, where informal games are arranged amongst those present. As darkness approaches members adjourn to the clubhouse where the bar is open and crib and other card and board games can be played.

If you would like any more information about the club please contact the club secretary, Sue Sinclair, on 01462 621067
or email: secretary@letchworthbowls

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LATEST: LGCBC are Stevenage Mixed League champions for 2019

Letchworth Garden City Bowls Club

(Founded 1931)

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Eric Charles Phillips

Members and friends of Letchworth Garden City Bowls Club will be very sad to hear that ‘Dick’ Phillips passed away on Tuesday 23rd July. Dick had been a loyal member of the club for many years and served faithfully as president and other roles. Dick had been an excellent bowler and his name shows on a number of our Honour Boards.